Technology Services, Cloud Platform, and Website for the Modern Office

Get the Technology you need today to grow your business for tomorrow. Welcome to ClicktoJam America's Trusted Source in technology services. ClicktoJam is offering to smaller companies the same benefits as big corporate like communication features. We work with vendors and software publishers to structure transactions to meet the needs of our clients. ClicktoJam is an umbrella company with mini services to offer your business, from technology services, hosting service. Let us build a relationship with your business for a successful future. We can help you, help your customers for a better tomorrow. We will like to setup an free consultation to put together a package from our umbrella services.

Technology Services Since 2007
Why Choose ClicktoJam Technology Service?
whether you are a seasoned pro in technology, or just starting out with your first business, our professional staff is here to assist you every step of the way. Allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations with some of these services and more;

  • Microsoft365 Office Software
  • EV Charging Stations (Electric Vehicles)
  • Waste Management
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) and hosted PBX service and etc
  • Water - Smart Valve
  • Solar Energy
  • LED Lighting
  • Natural Gas
  • Cloud Hosting/Platform
  • Wind Power

Technology Services Businesses:
Our team is skilled and ready to help you in these areas. "Auto Malls, Banks, Car Dealerships, Modern offices, Retail Store, Retrofits, Businesses, Organization, Motels, Apartment Building, Commercial, Resort, Casino, Wines, Vineyard, Winery, Farms, Parks, Theme Parks, Pools, Arenas, Theaters, State Building, Shopping Plaza, Shopping Mall, Strip Mall, (Homeowners, Residential – Solar Energy Only), Governmental Building, Library, Oil Fields, US Military, Policy Building, Sports Stadium, Tracking Service, Non-Profit, and Churches.  Feeling Inspired Yet? If you'd like more information about how to customize your company under our umbrella, feel free to reach out and we'll provide you with an free quote. 

Web Hosting & Development Service Since 1986
Web Hosting made easy & affordable! Our web design professional knows the web to get you on the web fast and for lot less than you might think. They can even help with your eCommerce project. Our designers get to know your business, then create a site based on your direction. If you want to develop your image, our logo designers can provide you with a customized logo that works for your business. ClicktoJam world class website development team work with big businesses, small businesses, new businesses, commercial, and non-profit of any size. Also, we provide these services; Domain Name Registration, Web Security, Private Registration, e-Commerce Solutions, SSL, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Campaigns, Marketing, Custom Web Design, Data Entry. Are designers can offer you Templates, Custom Graphic all on WordPress, Website Builder or Joomla programs.
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